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Brake Man LA’s top priority is to save our customers time and money by reducing overall cost and overhead compared to a typical brake repair shop.  We do this by making our brake specialists available at our customer’s location, no fancy buildings or equipment. 

Brake Man LA’s mobile brake service guarantees to fix your vehicles brakes at reasonable rates at an unparalleled convenience. 

Your brake repairs will be done right without the hassle of the dealership or a local repair shop trying to overcharge you for unnecessary work.

We eliminate the inconvenience of waiting at a repair shop for long hours by bringing our professional brake specialists to your home or place of business! ​​

Brake Man LA prides ourselves on having the friendliest, most well trained, professional, respectful and honest Brake Repair Specialists, offering the most convenient option for your vehicle’s brake service needs; call us today or complete our brake diagnostic form for a quote.

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